The dream of Three Forks Bike & Brew has been on the horizon for some time now, stemming from 9 years of offering summer bike programming for youth. Plain and simple, we learned that parents, families, and kids crave more expansive bike opportunities. Our café classroom environment seeks to offer bike education sessions on a broad range of topics such as local traffic laws, how to improve technical biking skills, ride planning, and bike maintenance.

We envision our DIY concept as a hub for families & community to connect in organic growth, sharing knowledge and love of biking. This is where we need your support! Tools, materials, and dedicated staff are expensive and vital to our vision of being able to create such a space, especially with our particular focus on youth engagement.


Near or far, we ask you to help us bring our our long-time vision full circle! We are printing inaugural shirts and hats to mark our special Grand Opening this fall.

Our Goal is to sell 360 Shirts! We thought you might like that nice round number :-). These limited edition Grand Opening T-shirts/hats are $50 and will be delivered to your door.

Don’t want a shirt/hat but sill want to be a supporter? Want to give more? See the Donate option below the t-shirt buttons. Thank you in advance for your help and well wishes!


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