College Game Day coffee and nourishment

It’s an exciting day in Pullman…Game Day energy is weaving through the air! Our ESPN guests are interviewing and sharing stories with folks across the country. As I watch and listen too, and I am learning new things about people and our little place. That’s a gift, and something unexpected between all the snazzle & and kerfuffle of being a Game Day pick.

As I sit with an awesome coup of coffee & savory galette (thank you Landgrove & Jacobs Uniontown), I see that we have a chance to see our place from a different perspective, a slice of our little-big community of Pullman. Perhaps, no matter where you land with football fandom, what a moment to see our sweet town and community. In short, what a beautiful day in the Palouse. As we begin our new adventure here at Three Forks, we hope you can swing in, re/connect and share some story. Our training wheels are off–hat makes me smile.

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