Bike Maintenance Classes

Keeping up with bike technology. What most people know is vintage (old). The comfort of new wheels today require some update on how to care for these sweet bikes. For example, brake evolution has advanced tremendously over the last decade. Don’t let this new technology stop you from working on your bike.

Skill Building

Young and old riders alike are always seeking new skills. We offer a series of events to help all rides grow their knowledge and comfort so that riding is both adventurous and enjoyable.

DIY Bike Repair

We live full and busy lives. Slowing down, though, to fix something ourselves remains one of the most satisfying experiences we have. At Three Forks Bike & Brew, we offer a unique space to learn together, help one another, share knowledge, and save money (enough for a good brew!)

Work Space For the DIY 

3FB&B offers you a space to do a ABC quick check of your bike before heading out on a long/short ride.  Tools available for more extensive repairs for: drivetrain, brake, wheel truing, or just upgrade your pedals and grips.

Skill Building

We offer classes and a connecting point for groups to work together while having fun developing their confidence at any level.  Whether you want to learn to stop quick on step hills, dodge pot holes, or just learn to ride. There are classes for you.